Our Story

Founder: Dr. Rob "Biko" Baker

After nearly 10 years as the Executive Director with the League of Young Voters, Dr. Rob "Biko" Baker spent the last 2 years immersed in the technology sector working with ThoughtWorks, a leading custom software agency. There he helped develop tech strategies at scale for social cause organizations. By launching Render, it his goal to bring agile project management and continuous delivery approaches to social cause and public sector through digital storytelling. 

His past experience leading and producing digital activations like #BarackTalk and #NoGunsAllowed with artist/philanthropist Snoop Dogg sees him uniquely positioned to offer important services to clients seeking new ways to engage their audiences. Th

Baker has served as the deputy publicity coordinator and young voter organizer for the Brown and Black Presidential Forum. He has appeared on C-SPAN, Fox News, and MSNBC and has also written a number of articles for America's biggest online outlets, including the Vanity Fair. In 2015, Baker was the graduation commencement speaker for UC-Berkeley's Black Graduation. Baker holds a Ph.D in History from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). After the death of Michael Brown, he spent a year in Ferguson and is currently an advisor to the St. Louis  based organization Hands Up United. He was also a long time writer for the Source Magazine.

Rika Tyler, a freedom fighter from Saint Louis, MO. - Associate 

A Visual specialist and director for a grassroots organization, Hands Up United that was created from the Ferguson Uprising in 2014.

A organizer and student working for 2 years in the Saint Louis city and county area around the mass murders.

Rika was one of the many voices of Ferguson and was was in the streets night and day to create awareness and organize within the people and the many issues Black, Brown and oppressed people face daily.

Peter Barley - Associate

Peter Barley is from the infamous city, Milwaukee, Wi. Being born black, born into poverty, and living in the most racist, segregated state in America has ensured a unique experience for him. Oddly, this is the source of his inspiration. He is 29 and the father of three. He is a writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and philosopher . Peter, otherwise known as "Preach," is currently embracing his entrepreneurial spirit. He is an intern/writer at Render, a digital storytelling firm founded by Dr. Robert "Biko" Baker, as well as the sole proprietor of a vintage sneaker resale business.

He has worked with various non profit, community based programs. These programs include, but are not limited to, project Ujima and the League of Young Voters. Responsibilities ranged from canvassing to consulting. Peter is intensely passionate about travel. He has yet to travel abroad but he has visited over twenty states. In his free time he chooses to be with his family. Writing screenplays is also a hobby of his. 

Justin Owings - Associate

Justin (Jae) is a WordPress, search engine optimization, and digital marketing shogun. He has been involved in the digital storytelling industry for almost 6 years. He is 36 years old and was born and raised on the Northside of Milwaukee, WI. He continues to live there with his fiance and 6 children in the Cold Spring Park area of The Near West Side neighborhood. Jae has helped various businesses in a diverse niche of markets succeed with their digital strategies. He has built websites and implemented digital growth plans for visual artists, musicians, non-profits, home remodeling companies, psychologists, and local brick & mortar shops. Jae is a forward thinking success driven individual. His unique background and training is a valuable asset to anyone he is working with. Jae is always learning and staying current with the trends and newest techniques in his field. 

When Jae isn't working on the web helping our partners dominate and take over the world, he's probably with his kids shooting nerf blasters or watching DareDevil on NETFLIX. Check his desk and you'll find the newest issue of DeadPool or Wolverine, licorice, vinyl Pop toys, brass knuckles, meditation balls and some water. He enjoys watching baseball games with his Pops (GO YANKEES!!!). He was once part of a local rap crew known as The Taste Emcees, he retired his pen and pad but still eats, sleeps, and breaths Hip Hop. Him and his family are actively involved with various community organizations of Milwaukee. He also says "Word" a lot.