Membership Services

Render tech offers a playground for creativity with our multiple spaces available when you sign up to become a member . Render tech offers modern offices, conference rooms, spacious areas, a studio with the latest software, a spacious dance rehearsal studio as well as other creative services.

Here are some of our spaces available:

Incubator space


Are you a young entrepreneur, a creative in need of a space, a designer lacking the proper software.?  Then our office spaces are perfect for you. We offer the latest computer software, high speed Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro , and many other creative and technical software programs. 

Audio/Visual Studio


With the music culture on a rise the need for studio space is at an all time high. Have you struggled to find a place to deliver your musical talents, a studio with clear quality and great software.The following is our full service music studio with the latest version of prototools, a sound proof recording booth and an onsite engineer.

Meeting room


This space offers a large meeting room that fits up to a 100 people equipped with televisions, bluetooth audio, training tables,  and other training materials. This space is now available for your next gathering.